My Work
Working with Chuck Wisner is deceptively simple.
Becoming more mindful of our patterns of communication requires curiosity and courage.

 Chuck helps individual leaders and teams:  

Create smart cutting-edge strategies


Improve leadership effectiveness


Create cultures that help everyone do their best work

 Break out of entrenched patterns of miscommunication


Align individual performance with the desired culture and robust collaborative processes


Chuck works with teams and individuals at every level to help them analyze how their visions, cultures, and structures integrate. The process helps clients understand and re-define critical components, creating results that support their goals.  Well-defined strategies, leadership communication, cultures, and systems are the keys to building world class teams.

Chuck works with individual leaders in many different contexts. Whether they want to work the kinks out of their communication styles, hone their emotional intelligence, change up their lives, or transform their approaches to leadership, mindfulness and purposeful practices are their keys to success. 

Tangled, distorted, or inhibited communication can be the single greatest barrier to serving the mission of the organization. Working with teams as small as two, or running into the hundreds, Chuck helps them take the first steps to assess what is and isn't working in how they communicate and work together. He teaches communication skills and practices that help teams engage in collaborative dialogues, provide honest feedback, and make promises that build trust.

"I am so grateful that Chuck and my path crossed; I brought him in at a critical time to help reset a large change initiative. Over a couple of months, we were able to completely shift the trajectory of the project. He has an uncanny ability to connect, listen, and share his experience and knowledge in ways that have immediate impact. I often find myself reflecting on our conversations, thinking about the feedback he has provided or a question he asked. As a trusted advisor, Chuck is able to work with diverse teams on solving complex issues by simplifying problems through a very interesting lens that focuses on timing, communication and language. The tools and frameworks he uses in his working sessions are very effective in bringing teams together to talk through issues, focus on what’s important and develop actionable plans."

- Elise Palac, Director Verizon

A Custom Approach

I work with individual leaders and teams to explore the dynamics of their current work, relationships, and goals. Throughout the process, clients gain powerful insights into what is possible for their future. Then, by customizing and applying a wide range of practical tools and practices, each client team can re-set and re-align to achieve their strategy and vision.


The ultimate achievement is improved teamwork, purposeful cultures, and better leadership. Clients often report that the work we have done has permanently changed their behavior and communications. And, importantly, they become more successful wiser leaders.