Chuck Wisner Creates Conscious Leadership with Clients Big and Small (and a few important companies and universities that can’t be named).
Smaller Creative Groups 
The Results Speak For Themselves

"I am so grateful that Chuck and my path crossed; I brought him in at a critical time to help reset a large change initiative. Over a couple of months, we were able to completely shift the trajectory of the project. He has an uncanny ability to connect, listen, and share his experience and knowledge in ways that have immediate impact. I often find myself reflecting on our conversations, thinking about the feedback he has provided or a question he asked. As a trusted advisor, Chuck is able to work with diverse teams on solving complex issues by simplifying problems through a very interesting lens that focuses on timing, communication and language. The tools and frameworks he uses in his working sessions are very effective in bringing teams together to talk through issues, focus on what’s important and develop actionable plans."

 Elise Palac, Director PSG

“I have worked with Chuck for over fifteen years, first at Chrysler Corporation and now at DTE Energy. He has worked with a variety of teams for us, including groups leading major corporate change initiatives. Chuck brings a diverse set of tools, methods and experience to help individuals and groups operationalize organizational learning and knowledge management. I appreciate his style. His approach focuses on real work issues which produces tangible results

Dave Meador, CFO, DTE Energy  

"Chuck taught me so many lessons over the years, and the true test of his effectiveness is that I still hear his voice in that millisecond before reacting to something.  Through my work with him, I came to realize that so much of our interaction with others is determined by stories we unconsciously tell ourselves, or that others have of us.  Chuck has a unique ability to identify those narratives, diagram them, and help develop methods for more mindful behavior. He’s had a profound impact on my success as a leader.  Even my wife agrees!"

Jay Finney, VP Marketing, Peabody Essex Museum

“Through his learning tools and personal instruction, Chuck has helped high-level GM teams acquire a new kind of 'emotional intelligence', allowing them to resolve a huge range of issues around personal attitudes and relationships, to reach new heights of productivity and shared success.” 

David S. Sharpe, Executive, General Motors